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In the historic neighborhood of Psyrri, one of the most significant areas of Athens, with a long tradition in handicrafts and art workshops, the architect Fotis Kaliotzis faced the challenge of transforming a multi-story craft building of the 80's, one of those that shape the character of the area, to an eccentric and intense pioneering modern hospitality space: The Boutique Hotel under the name IVIS 4.

The clean yet unconventional architectural design of the spaces, has as its main aim to pleasantly surprise but also inspire the visitors. The former craft spaces were ideal to embrace this design approach and create a unique hotel experience.The initially strict, rectangular facade of the building acquires ‘Doric’ plasticity and intense dynamism by the addition of metal balconies with glass coatings. ​We listened to the building and highlighted its older elements, which we incorporated in the architectural redesign. The visitors are making a trip back in time with a look at today's world and its modern comforts. 


The Concept Story arises from this need: to communicate the design of the building with its past, with the special elements of the place and to highlight the identity of the building that for decades was housing glass, ironwork and hagiography workshops.

​For this reason, we emphasized the use of glass and iron and we also added elements of painting through the modern art of graffiti which is prominent in the neighborhood. The renowned artist SimpleG, inspired by nature and the ancient history of Greece, created unique art pieces that were made on the spot using techniques such as spray painting, oil painting, and water painting. In the guest rooms and the common areas one can gaze at art pieces with themes borrowed from nature and the area surrounding Ivis4. In particular, on the ground floor of the reception and the restaurant runs, as a point of reference an oversized graffiti inspired by nature, creating a visual continuation of the ‘secret’ backyard garden of the 'aera', which is an integral part of the hotel. It is a special ‘green’ relaxation area for the visitors, which certifies that the hotel is more than just a place for an overnight stop.

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